Major Development Tasks

NGU Technology Research Institute is a company-affiliated research institute accredited by Korea Industrial Technology Development Association (KOITA). It is responsible for product development and QC management of PE FILM BAG, PP BAG and BLOCK CARTON which are the main products of NGU SACK and continuous new product development.

Main Product Development

Thorough Quality Control Management

Continuous Development for New Products

In particular, we are researching high-quality packaging materials with excellent impact resistance,
waterproofness, packaging that can protect our products through the fusion of PP and various new materials and printability.

We are now making our utmost effort to embody NGU’s philosophy of customer satisfaction in its technology.

  • impact resistance
    Impact Resistance

  • waterproof

  • packing

  • printing

NGU Sack strive for constant R&D to produce
high quality packaging materials