Gaining superiority of technology and experience

Highly experienced technical resources / experienced professional technicians

  • Technology and experience that has been accumulated in all process such as yarn, weaving, coating, printing, umbilical, sewing
  • Know-how for optimal production layout

Experience of equipment development

  • Experience and skills in design, installation and factory operation
  • Creating an optimal environment and processing management experience for the current factory

Know-how to manage all process

  • Maximizing production efficiency with best precess control
  • Maintaining stability of quality by constructing automatic equipment system

Putting quality first

  • Using 100% domestic raw materials and fabric
  • Self-production of coating, forming, sewing
  • Operating yarn and weaving by strategic partners
  • Improving quality with the high quality of fabirc
  • Using high quality Kraft Paper

Leader in progressive development of technology

Operation of affiliated research institute

  • Established in August 2004
  • Government-controlled development projects of technology
  • Participated in R & D project of industry-academic

Unique position in technology development

  • Designated as a leading company in Busan Metropolitan City
  • Adopt technology related various product-production and its own production process

Sustainable R & D

  • Develop a product with customer feedback
  • Continue to develop new items to the use and characteristics of contents
  • Obtaining ISO 9001, 14001, 22000 certification

Export Capability as a Global Company

Wide experience of overseas market development

  • Professional trading and market expansion experience of NGU International
    : Maintaining and expanding accounts in a wide range of markets including the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia
  • Professional production of multi-functional, high-quality of packaging materials
    : Exports various types of packaging materials to more than 40 countries around the world

Overseas export company

  • Selected as a high growth company export competency enhancement business (Small Business Promotion Corporation)
    : Achieved average annual growth rate of 15% or more
  • Achieved more than 80% of sales in exports
    : Achievement of ten million dollars export tower
    : Maintain the current level of $ 15 million
  • Customer reliability is a top priority
    : 18 year-business relationship with fisheries companies in North America
    : Supplied to over 100 companies in USA, Russia, Europe
    : Customer reliability is paramount in quality, production and delivery

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