Our carton box collection ranges from heavy duty triple walled to delicate chocolate boxes. We offer complex four to six corner cartons and five layer box construction complete with food coatings and high appeal laminates. Whatever you can imagine, NGU will make it happen.


Fishery Box

  • Box for fishery has function of water proof and cold insulation proper for fishery products.

Agricultural Box

  • Box for agricultural is available in various size and shape with various function based on its purpose like preserve its freshness.

Industrial Box

  • Box for industrial products is available in various function and size based on the product characteristic like machines, electronics and other products.

Color Box

  • Colorful box can be printed with high resolution colorful images. This tool can be used in various ways and great for advertising its product

Folding Cartons

  • The shape of the box is made freely and can be manufactured in various internal structures and sizes

Type of Materials

Production facilities

CARTONS Production Equipment

CARTONS Production Equipment

CARTONS Production Equipment