Quality, the Best Value

NGU Sack has built up newest factory with high-experienced technicians and automated production system based on accumulated experience and techniques and knowhow for arrangement of production lines to achieve maximum output.

NGU Sack Ulsan factory, which was built on a land of 16,840.43 square meters on a 12,566.80 square meter site, is using 100% domestic raw materials and fabrics including high quality Kraft Papers as we put quality as the top priority to fulfil our responsibility and duty.

We have successfully secured the quality of products and experience constant growth in sales with constructions of automatic systems and experience of achieving maximum production efficiency through all operations.

We, NGU Sack, promise that we will grow to become a global company that contributes to the life of mankind based on excellent manpower resources, advanced technology and advanced quality competitiveness.


67, Hoehak 1-gil, Onsan-eup,
Ulju-gun, Ulsan

Year of Establishment

2009. 01





Main Products

Fabric &
PP Bag, PE Bag



About NGU Sack